Upcoming Retreats in 2018

PBMG retreat
February 22-25 northwest NJ (waiting list info – Kim retreatinfo@princetonbuddhist.org )  https://www.princetonbuddhist.org/retreat-information

Way Open Center
March 3 Full Day Retreat with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) group http://wayopenscenter.com/events/ 

April 6 (Fri, 6 pm) to April 8 (Sun, 5 pm) Foundation Retreat—three days of practicing Chan meditation in stillness and motion, with instructions on sitting, moving, walking and eating meditation, important Dharma concepts to support one’s practice, as well as private personal interviews to discuss difficulties in and questions about one’s practice. $220 (scholarships available; no prior retreat experience needed)   www.dharmadrumretreat.org

May 26 (Sat, 6 pm) to June 3 (Sun, 10 am) Silent Illumination Retreat—I am co-leading this retreat with my current teacher and one of Master Sheng Yen’s Dharma heirs, Dr. Simon Child. Detailed instructions will be given on this subtle method of Chan to investigate the mind, to really get to know ourselves, and to cultivate wisdom and compassion. Participants will also receive individualized instructions in private interviews. $585 (scholarships available; 3-day retreat experience needed) www.dharmadrumretreat.org

Radical Acceptance – Pathway of Emotional Healing & Spiritual Freedom
Jul 27 – Jul 29 2018 Rhinebeck, NY ( Omega )
More info https://www.eomega.org/workshops/radical-acceptance-1 

August 10 (Fri, 6 pm) to August 12 (Sun, 3 pm) Beginner’s Mind Retreat—If you are relatively new to the practice, this is a good first retreat although many experienced practitioners find the variety of practice activities helpful. Besides sitting, walking, moving and eating meditation, we will also be practicing in workshops ranging from the Art of Seeing to the Art of Communication to learn about how to bring our practice into daily life. $220 (scholarships available; no prior retreat experience needed) www.dharmadrumretreat.org

Oct 5 (Fri, 6 pm) to October 10 (Wed, 10 am) Western Zen Retreat—Within the context of Chan meditation, participants will make use of a question to penetrate the mind to gain a deeper understanding of our habitual tendencies and patterns of thoughts and insights into the working of our mind. I will be co-leading this retreat with Simon Child and Fiona Nuttall from the UK. This retreat has limited spaces as each participant will receive lots of individual instructions in private interviews. Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. $350 (scholarships available; no prior retreat experience needed) www.dharmadrumretreat.org

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