Addiction, Substance Abuse and Recovery

Addiction and substance abuse is a problem for many people which affects all of us. Buddhism offers a similar approach to the AA 12 step programs, using meditation and the dharma to lead people to recovery.

We know the following groups in the area that can be of help

  • Philadelphia Meditation Center – Meditation and Recovery.
    • Sitting on the cushion, the next right step – Ongoing Weekly Meeting on Wednesday evenings Doors open at 7 pm Meeting starts at 7:30 pm — Using the booklet “9 Essays: Buddhism and the 12th Step Model of Recovery” made available to us by the generosity of the San Francisco Zen Center, this group will be exploring the connection between practice and recovery. Our mission is to bridge the Twelve Steps of AA and the four Noble Truths of Buddhism. The meeting will include a 20 minute silent meditation sit, a reading from the “9 Essays”, and an open discussion in the format of an AA meeting. We will be adhering to the AA traditions (which include anonymity and confidentiality). Creating a supportive community is an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to daily practice.

Other resources for recovery