Life Is….

Life is a meditation. Be a meditator. Know how to meditate and meditate. Study dharma and know the suttras. Each gatha is profound. Love the Sangha – give and support it. Respect and love your Guru. Obey the teachings your Guru gives. Do all these things and more; do a thousand life times of these things. Apply all of these noble pursuits and throw them out. Throw them out along with self. Thinning the mind to self by Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is the springboard to liberation. It isn’t about all the sutras nor years of meditation or the times of circumambulation of a stupa. These are great but not the culmination. What they can help to do is to thin the sense of self that holds one in samsara. Knowing the truths that are in their content and becoming those truths is the achievement beyond the need for any of them. Buddha’s words are true – no heart, no mind, no words, no eyes, no ears, no voice, no dharma, and no Buddha. None has value; all have value. None has merit; all have merit. Do what is meritorious. Do everything. Do nothing. Do the path and let go of any outcome. Do everything; do nothing. Doing everything is doing nothing and doing nothing is doing everything. by Jeff McNair

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