March 2016 Training our Minds and Cultivating our Hearts

“No one can harm us as much as our thoughts, unguarded. No one can help us as much as our thoughts, mastered.” This early teaching of the Buddha invites us to become familiar with the habits of our own mind and the ways in which we can train our mind to become our best friend.

For the next few weeks we will explore the Tibetan Buddhist 7- Point Mind Training for cultivating the mind and a heart of compassion. This profound, ancient teaching warrants a lifetime of contemplation and practice. Nevertheless, it offers us insights we can apply immediately as we seek to train our minds and cultivate compassion in our daily lives.

We will listen to excerpts of talks by Pema Chodron from her audio series Be Grateful to everyone, an in-depth guide to the 7-Point Mind Training. We will explore how these teachings and meditation practices can help us live more mindful, compassionate lives.

Please join us in March as we delve into these rich teachings.

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