The practice of Samadhi – 11/27/17 Nikki Mirghafori

Nikki Mirghafori joined the sangha in November 2017 to discuss the practice of Samadhi (unification of mind).

You may see the video that was streamed live by clicking the link   – There are also auto generated subtitles available so you can make use of that!

Nikki is a Spirit Rock authorized retreat teacher, a Stanford trained compassion cultivation instructor, and a UCLA certified mindfulness facilitator, Nikki teaches Buddhist meditation and contemplation nationally. She was introduced to contemplative practices and yoga in the early 1980’s, to meditation in 1991 and to Theravada Buddhism in 2003 and has studied with various Western and Eastern teachers.

In 2012, Nikki was invited by Jack Kornfield to join the 2013-2016 joint teacher training program at Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC, and was mentored by Gil Fronsdal and Guy Armstrong. She holds a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley, engaging in daily life practice as a research scientist in academia.

In addition to Pa Auk Sayadaw, she has practiced with other monastic teachers such as Bhikkhu Analayo, Ajahn Succitto, U Tejaniya, and Tsoknyi Rimpoche (Dzogchen), as well as highly respected Western teachers, such as Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Guy Armstrong, Gil Fronsdal, and Steven Tainer (Chan).  She particularly appreciates and enjoys the depth of long-retreat practice.

Please visit the following URL for a long list of Nikki’s Dharma talks:

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