Rebecca Li – the practice of Just Sitting

On April 23, 2018 Rebecca Li gave instructions and lead a guided meditation that settles into the practice of Just Sitting or Silent IlluminationThe practice of Silent Illumination is similar to the practice of Zen Shikantaza. The evening felt like a mini-retreat and instead of the usual break we all did walking meditation through the break followed by a period of Q&A.

Here is the audio recording:

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2018-04-23 SilentIllumination     
  • Introduction to the practice
  • 17m practice instructions ,
  • 31m the sitting practice period and walking
  • 1h 30m Q&A period
  • 1h 55 Closing readings

If you are interested in learning more about this practice, Rebecca recommends practicing on a retreat, where the teachers can guide you and you will have the benefit of a settled state of mind.

Next Silent Illumination retreat is 5/26/18 (Sat, 6 pm) to 6/3/18 (Sun, 10 am) with Rebecca Li with one of Master Sheng Yen’s Dharma heirs, Dr. Simon Child.

Detailed instructions will be given on this subtle method of Chan to investigate the mind, to really get to know ourselves, and to cultivate wisdom and compassion. Participants will also receive individualized instructions in private interviews. $585 (scholarships available; 3-day retreat experience needed)

If you would like to send general feedback or share a reflection about your experience of Rebecca’s upcoming teaching on April 23rd,  you may email us at Your feedback is private and will not be shared publicly without your express written permission. Thank you. 

About Rebecca Li, PhD 

Rebecca LiRebecca began practicing in 1995, and attended her first seven-day intensive retreat with Chan Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Retreat Center (DDRC), in the following year. Since then she has attended numerous intensive Chan retreats. In 1999 after moving to New Jersey she began translating for Master Sheng Yen. In the same year, she began her training with the Master to become a Dharma and meditation instructor. Currently, she teaches meditation and Dharma classes and gives public lectures at the Chan Meditation Center (CMC) and leads 1- to 3-day retreats at CMC & DDRC. She has been training with Simon Child since 2008 to conduct retreat interviews and has been assisting in his intensive retreats since 2012. Along with her husband David Slaymaker, Rebecca leads Chan practice at Rutgers University and the New Jersey chapter of DDMBA and teaches on behalf of Dharma Drum in various community activities in the NJ-NY area. Rebecca is a board member of the Dharma Drum Retreat Center and professor of sociology at The College of New Jersey.

The Chan Meditation Center:
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See Rebecca’s talk about why we meditate here
Hear her recording from other visits 

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