October 2019 Retreat – A Meditative Inquiry into the Buddha’s Understanding of Emptiness

Join us Friday evening Oct 4th (7-9pm) and Saturday Oct 5th (9-5pm) for “A meditative inquiry into the Buddha’s understanding of emptiness.
Lowell Arye Will lead the retreat. Friday evening will be a quiet night where we will be cultivating the boundless states of heart of Loving kindness and equanimity. Moira Kowalczyk will provide light guidance during this practice period. Saturday will include periods of meditation held in the space of silence including the lunch hour. The afternoon Will continue with guided practice and an exploration of what the Buddha said in the Pali Canon about emptiness (Maha sunnata sutta)
Light refreshments will be available and a brown bag lunch is recommended. It is best to attend the entire retreat, however we please come to any portion if unable to attend the entire retreat .

****unfortunately Padmadharini will not be co-leading due to unforeseen events . Lowell Arye will be leading the full day Saturday

Schedule for BSBC Day Retreat

9:00-9:15                                 Get Settled, a few points about the day

9:15-9:45                                 Meditation

9:45-10                                    Break

10-10:45                                  Meditation

10:45-11                                  Break

11-11:45                                  Meditation

11:45-1                                    Lunch

1-1:45                                      Meditation

1:45-2                                      Break

2-2:45                                      Meditation

2:45-3                                      Break

3-3:45                                      Meditation

3:45-4:15                                 Break

4:15-4:45                                 Meditation

4:45-5                                      Discussion

About Lowell

Lowell Arye has been diligently practicing the Path of the Buddha for 17 plus years. He is an avid and committed retreatant completing many retreats both with Sanghas and in solitary in traditions of Vipassana (insight), Zen/Chan, Mahamudra and Dzogchen. Influential teachers from Tibetan Buddhist traditions include Garchen Rinpoche, Namkai Norbu, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, and Francis Lucille and Rupert Spira from the Advaita Vedanta /Kashmiri Shavism tradition of Jean Klein.

There is a suggested donation of $20 for Friday, $30 for Sat. am session and $50 for all day Saturday. All are welcome despite ability to donate.

More About Lowell Arye

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