First Time Visitors

Please note that we meet on Monday nights at 7:00 PM, (first timers please arrive 10 minutes early to get acquainted )

Our sangha is peer led, and combines practices from different Buddhist traditions. We do not have a resident teacher, although we invite guest teachers to visit throughout the year.

We do not have a required creed or belief system. Our group consists of many people who follow different traditions. Some consider themselves Buddhist and others do not so the sangha is considered non-sectarian since no one sect or doctrine prevails.

We are very open and welcoming to new lama-retreat (2)visitors. You need not be a Buddhist or want to become one to be with us. All ages, sexual orientations, and abilities welcome.  Many people come weekly in order to practice meditation with our group and we all benefit from supporting each other’s practice.

Before your first visit, please check the other sections of our website, particularly the How to Meditate section. Most of what we do is seated meditation and we ask that all visitors, even observers, participate in meditation. There are benches for those who need them and we do not require anyone to sit on the floor if they are not able to do so.

Try to arrive by 6:45 PM on Monday and let someone know that you are a first timer. Someone will help you get settled in.

Dress comfortably. Darker clothing is best since it does not distract. Please do not wear strong scents, noisy jewelry or otherwise cause distractions. Please turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices that make noise. We are creating a place for all to be at ease and settle down so anything you can do to support that is appreciated.

If you have any questions please contact us