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Andre Taesan Halaw Talk from November 28th

Andre Taesan Halaw 11.28 part 1     
Andre Taesan Halaw 11.28 part 2     

Training the Mind – Lama Gursam Retreat

Lama Gursam November 5th     
Lama Gursam November 4th     

Visiting Teacher September 19th Rebecca Li Phd

Rebecca Li September 19     

John Orr Retreat Audio

John Orr May 14     
John Orr May 13     
Janet - Turnings of the mind January 4th     


Zen Teacher Visits Sangha

Andre Doshim Halaw Dharma Talk 11.23     

John on Bodhisattvas Way of Life Ch 9 May 4th     

Beverly Sanford on Returning to the heart April 21     

Lama Gursam on Compassion March 27     


Bodhisattvas Way of Life Ch 9 December 1     

Why Meditate - Dr Luke Jih July 14th     


Matthew Daniell Talk June