Listen to the Sangha recorded dharma talks and deepen your practice.


Rebecca Li – applying the teaching of not self (Anatta )

Rebecca Li – Why do we practice? Why do we sit? 


Nikki Mirghafori:  The Practice of Samadhi (unification of mind), 11/27/17

George Haas:  Evaluating Spiritual Maturity: Practice with mind states and Emotional Regulation, 10/30/18

Rebecca Li:  Patience/Endurance & the Chan Practice, 10/9/17

Lowell Arye:  The Now and Unconditioned Awareness, 6/12/17

George Haas:  The Meaningful Life (youtube stream), 5/15/17

Timber Hawkeye:  Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional, 4/10/17

[mp3j track=”” title=”Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional” volslider=y ind=y]

Beverly Sanford:   Life as Practice, 3/13/17

Rebecca Li:  Interdependence: Embracing Life’s Ups and Downs with Equanimity. Listen to the audio recordings above for an outstanding dharma lesson, 2/13/17


Andre Taesan Halaw Talk from November 28th

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Andre Taesan Halaw 11.28 part 1″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Andre Taesan Halaw 11.28 part 2″ volslider=y ind=y]

Training the Mind – Lama Gursam Retreat

[mp3j track=”” title=”Lama Gursam November 5th” volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”” title=”Lama Gursam November 4th” volslider=y ind=y]

Visiting Teacher September 19th Rebecca Li Phd

[mp3j track=”” title=”Rebecca Li September 19″ volslider=y ind=y]

John Wentz:  Gratitude and Lojong and the Art of Stretching the Mind, 8/11/16

John Orr Retreat Audio

[mp3j track=”″ title=”John Orr May 14″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”John Orr May 13″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Janet – Turnings of the mind January 4th” volslider=y ind=y]


Zen Teacher Visits Sangha

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Andre Doshim Halaw Dharma Talk 11.23″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”John on Bodhisattvas Way of Life Ch 9 May 4th” volslider=y ind=y]
[mp3j track=”″ title=”Beverly Sanford on Returning to the heart April 21″ volslider=y ind=y]
[mp3j track=”″ title=”Lama Gursam on Compassion March 27″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Bodhisattvas Way of Life Ch 9 December 1″ volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Why Meditate – Dr Luke Jih July 14th” volslider=y ind=y]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Matthew Daniell Talk June” volslider=y ind=y]