6 Tips for Finding Comfort in Meditation

6 Tips for Finding Comfort in Meditation

  • Wear comfortable clothes: Always wear loose-fitting clothes that allow your breathing to be deep and natural. Proper breathing is directly linked to relaxation. Tight jeans or slacks, shirts, and belts might constrict the expansion of the belly.
  • Meditate on an empty stomach: A heavy, full stomach can impede your efforts toward awareness and, instead, in the direction of thoughts.
  • Sit up straight: A straight spine is essential in meditation. You can sit on the floor cross-legged, or you can sit in a chair. You can even walk while you meditate—the important thing is to keep a straight spine. This will allow the life force energy to move freely throughout the body. This energy is awareness, and awareness is one of the most important components of meditation.
  • Get comfortable: Whether you sit in a chair or on a meditation cushion, it’s important to make yourself as comfortable as possible—but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.
  • Find the right head position: Keep your chin slightly pulled back, like a soldier at attention.
  • Stay warm: If you run cold, use a shawl to cover your body. It provides both warmth and a feeling of protection as you start your journey into the abstract layers of your mind.

When you’re first starting out, don’t worry too much if your posture feels off. Just try to sit with a straight spine and know that it will get easier over time. Perseverance and a deep desire to connect with your inner essence are the main keys to a successful meditation practice, no matter what body position you decide to use.

These and more great tips from What’s the Right Way to Sit for Meditation?

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