About the love of the universe and giving up our story

Buddhist Compliment

Tonight we listened to a portion of a talk by Reggie Ray about giving up ‘our story’ and the freedom that comes from letting go.

We pondered what or who would you be without your story? We looked at how a story you make up is just a shortcut into a way of being that is completely made up and keeps you safe.  It’s scary to think about that since who are you without you?

Also there was another point, about letting the deep love of the universe be known to us at the deepest level.

“We humans are born for joy. Born for bliss. Born for freedom. What we are doing here is the ordinary human thing, and it is very old, and it has been covered over by society. We have to do the work. We have to remove the blinders from our hearts.”

What’s alluded to here is that the words can not properly describe what this ‘love of the universe’ really means or what is meant by emptiness. We can only point to it, but ultimately “you” have to do the work.

The talk we listened to was part of this talk : Episode 121: Born for Joy.

Other podcasts are available on this page





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