February 2016 – Bringing the Dharma into Everyday Life.

mind-trainingThe following is the discussion schedule for February 2016.

Feb. 1  – John Wentz will begin teaching on the seven-point mind training training also known as Lojong

Feb. 8 – Thich Nhat Hanh’s short meditation practice for experiencing Freshness, Strength, Clarity and Freedom. When we are familiar with it, we can use it as we walk or in a stressful situation when we need to calm ourselves and be present in a strong and peaceful way. It will also be a useful meditation practice for long-time meditators who may be unfamiliar with it.

February 15 – Practicing Random Acts of Kindness as a way of bringing the dharma into our daily life. Provide a valuable opportunity to help those who participate in the Sangha to share in a group practice if they choose, as well as an opportunity to be more mindful and responsive to those whose paths we cross during the day.

Feb 22 – Turning Meditation into Mindfulness – how meditation trains you to automatically be mindful.

Feb 27 – Retreat with Lama Gursam  10 AM to 5 PM, at the Yardley Friends MeetingHouse, 65 N. Main St, Yardley. All Welcome. Come 1/2 day or full day. Bring  a lunch if you plan to stay all day.

February 29 – open discussion – What are the challenges and opportunities of bringing our practice into our daily life and our encounters with others?

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