Life is Empty and Meaningless

Over the last year, Polish designer and illustrator Janusz Jurek has been exploring different forms of generative illustration as it relates to the human form. Some of my favorites are collected into a series title Papilarnie where bundled lines that look like lightning or roadways on maps converge into 3D arms, feet, and other incomplete bodies.:

image by Janusz Jurek

Life itself is empty and meaningless. It’s you who give life meaning.
The world you see before you is defined entirely by your interpretation of it, otherwise, life just is.

Emptiness is interdependence, it does not mean nothing at all, and in contrast, includes everything. The world is world, life is life, suffering is suffering, happiness is happiness, everything does exist..

Since all things existence is dependent on causes and conditions, they continue to change with the changes of the causes and conditions. They do not have a permanent form, and therefore they are “empty”.

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