January 2017 Setting The Intention: Sila & The Five Precepts

The discussion theme for the month is: “Setting The Intention: Sila & The Five Precepts”

January 2nd:  “To Practice Compassionate Action”, led by Janet with an introduction on “Sila” by Lauren. [Avoiding Harm]

January 9th:  “To Practice Contentment”, led by Joe Beck [Avoiding Stealing]

January 16th:  “To Practice Responsibility in Relationships”, led by David Clark  [Avoiding Sexual Misconduct]

January 23rd:  “To Refrain from Harmful Speech”, led by Dave M. [Right Speech]

January 30th:  “To Care For Ourselves”, led by Lauren [Avoiding Unskillful Action due to Intoxicants]

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Philip Brown, PhD, is currently the president of the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County. Learn more about Phil and other members

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