4-week series on Wisdom Factors

Padma Dharini has been leading a series on the wisdom factors.

Enjoy the audios below! (The first 2 recordings were started 5-10 minutes into the talk)

The Audio from July 9, 2018 below:

07.09.18 wisdom factors Series     

Also we have audio for other weeks:

07.16.18 wisdom factors Series     

07.23.18 wisdom factors Series     

Supplemental material:  By chance, I listened to a guided meditation from Rob Burbea today(July 24, 2018). It’s quite complimentary to the material covered last night.
The audio is a talk from the first week of a 4-week retreat he did on emptiness at the Gaia House in the UK.  The title is “Guided Meditation: Three Characteristics”    http://dharmaseed.org/talks/audio_player/210/9543.html

Per the title, the meditation begins looking at Impermanence where, after establishing a concentrated state, he begins to try & tune you into observing change. At about the mid-way point, Rob instructs you to examine any experiences of unpleasantness (dukkha) that may be arising, such as clinging or aversion. He guides you in a way that is quite simple and clever, at least it was for me. It also made me think of Marc’s comment last night about aversion being the opposite side of the coin to clinging.

Following this he explores Anatta, this idea of disconnecting from the sensations and phenomena that is arising in us. He calls it unhooking the I.
For me, the sensation that was arising & has been quite a bit lately is this discomfort in my lower back. Although I often realize it’s just discomfort & I shouldn’t make more of it, I still fall prey. This guided meditation helped me work through the sensation of discomfort and disconnect the “me-ness” in the discomfort. This is all still pretty new to me but I got a lot out of this meditation & thought I’d share it with the rest of you since we’ve all been learning this approach–to be able to see things as not self.

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