Mindfull or Mind Full?

Notice how pedaling the exercise bike starts the display & when you stop, it turns off after a few seconds?

Similarly meditation powers up your mindfulness muscle so you enjoy the benefits throughout the day. When you stop returning to the practice it stops working just like the exercise bike … 

Meditation practice is very important – it allows Direct Access to the present moment (this moment is the only moment you have now) All the benefits of meditation stem from practice coming back to this moment

There are many meditation techniques / mind trainings out there – you may find yourself “shopping around” and that’s fine – just pick one that appeals to you and practice diligently – but resist the urge to give up on the method in luau of other methods you hear and read about. Really give it a good heartfelt try (4-6 weeks at least) – try to deepen your practice with it. 

We have several simple methods on our website buddhistsangha.com/how-to-meditate and at our library at 65 N Main Street Yardley PA –Join us Monday evenings 7pm -9pm – more info is at buddhistsangha.com website

We also publish links and other places to visit in our area buddhistsangha.com/links

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