Practicing with others online during pandemic (COVID-19)

Note: Most of the links use Zoom – is an online video conferencing platform. You can download the Zoom application for Windows or Mac for free, or you can access Zoom via their free apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Once the software is installed you can join the Sunday or Monday conference at the scheduled time via the links above, or via the “Join a Meeting” button in the app (you’ll need to enter the appropriate conference number, given above). You can set up a free personal account on Zoom if you want, but it isn’t necessary to use the software. You can find more help on getting started in the Zoom Help Center online.

Padma Dharini is offering an 8 week MBSR Course via zoom Tthursdays Starting April 2nd. Email her at for registration information.

10:30am BSBS is offering a daily sit

Lama Gursam

8:55am Zoom Meditation

8:55pm evening meditation with Rodolfo Urdain as host.

(Dana is greatly appreciated. (Use Pay Pal at

Contact John Wenz to get access

Shotai at Turtleback Zendo. She’s hosting zazen (meditation) daily at 7:20 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 9:00 p.m. Click for this and more info

You can reach Shotai with any questions at

Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group

Sundays at 12:30
join in for virtual meditation and compassion practice. You can download the chantbook at the PBMG Resources page to use during practice.

Sunday 1:00pm to 3:00pm EDT, Anam Thubten will offer, via free livestream, a guided meditation and a Dharma talk. To access the livestream, go to this web page:

If you’d like both to practice with us and to hear Anam Thubten teach: Typically he leads guided meditation at 1:00, and the teachings begin around 2:00–so you could still log in there immediately after practice.

Also Thursdays at 7:30pm

Chan Meditation Center

Saturdays: 3/14 – 4/25, 11:00am – 12:30 pm (PDT) followed by Q&A 12:30 – 1:00 pm (optional)

Practice and learn together online, while building camaraderie, diligence and having fun. Explore the journey of self-mastery through Chan Meditation.

The session includes guided moving and seated meditation, Q&A, at the discretion of the Teacher. (Please allow enough space in the comfort of your own home/space for moving meditation. For seated meditation, a sturdy/comfortable chair where the thighs can be leveled with the body would be good, although meditation cushions/bench would be best if you have them.)

Soji Zen center

Offers a virtual zendo Monday evenings @ 7:00 pm (EST), Thursday evenings @ 7:00 pm and Sunday @ 10:00 am. The dharma talk is scheduled on Sundays @ 11:30 am. Check their website for the latest times

The Insight Meditation Community of Washington – Various Online Meditation Click Here

Amy Ward Brimmer
Offering 15 or 30 minute mindful movement and meditation sessions in my Way Opens Community group on Facebook. If you use Facebook, join the group and join the live sessions (recordings are archived on the group page if you can’t join live). Also several practice opportunities available each week, beginning Sunday at 11:30 am EDT at

Rebecca Li

Helpful resources and meditations on Rebecca’s website – also if you sign up for her newsletter she may offers zoom meditation and dharma talks live on zoom.  Freeguided meditation   +  Dharma Talks

Other Online material in support of practice during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Lion’s Roar Magazine has published a number of articles on how to practice in a pandemic.  I recommend this lovely piece by my friend and fellow Gen X Dharma teacher, Lama Willa Miller, Living in this Strange Moment Together. You will also find Take a Mindful Approach to COVID-19 very useful.

Tricycle Magazine has provided free access to articles and videos on practicing in a pandemic.