Visiting Teacher – Enjoying the Mindfulness of Breathing with Singhashri

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Join us Monday 2/4 7-9 with visiting teacher Singhashri as we cultivate deeper states of absorption through mindfulness of breathing, opening the heart and inviting in the resultant fruits including joy, integrity, peace and contentment

A teacher with the Triranta Buddhist Community, second generation American currently living in the UK. Read more about her and read/listen to her teachings

From Singhashri’s website: “Any radical act must get down to the root of things, which often lies below the surface, is hidden from view, taken for granted, yet is ultimately essential for existence. The radical embrace calls us to face and draw in near, as near as we can get, the very crux of the matter, the rub of our existence. We may have spent our whole life, up until now, running from our pain, ignoring our vulnerability, hiding from our own shadow. The radical embrace is about waking up, not only to the shadow, but to the deep, transformative power inherent there.”

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