Annual Membership and Potluck (11/11/2019)

Update: Monday, Nov 11 at 7pm the sangha held a special annual meeting

The Sangha celebrated the year and reflected on what the sangha means to us. We shared delicious food and connected to what it means to be part of the sangha community.   We saw a wonderful turn out of current members & few new faces we hadn’t seen a while. There were a few newer guests & Holly who came for the very first time showed interest in becoming a member afterwards. We were grateful to see Padmadharini join us as well. 

Click to see our annual report composed by Joe and Dave (co-Presidents)

Click for information on how to become a member.

This important event is in accord with the sangha’s by-laws and our standing as a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Many of you are relatively new members of the Sangha, and I want to encourage you to carefully consider whether you have the interest and ability to serve as a member of our board or on a board committee. As an all volunteer organization we need committed assistance from our members and friends to be able to serve our growing community with the support for learning, practice, and service that is the heart of our Buddhist path.

Instead of the regular service and meditation All are welcome to our Potluck dinner (Vegetarian) and annual meeting. We will then convene our Annual Membership Meeting to vote on a slate of Officers and Board Members for the next year. Ours is a peer-led, volunteer-created organization, and we sincerely thank all who serve and look forward to having people volunteer for positions and serve on our various committees.

Please remember that there will be no regular meditation that night, and that ALL ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE as we gather in a sense of togetherness and sharing.

Consider yourself, member or not, invited to join us on Monday, November 11 for our potluck dinner and Annual Membership Meeting. We look forward to seeing you then! 

6:30 – 7:15 eat and socialize
7:15- 7:30 Dave leads us in some chanting and a short meditation
7:30- 7:45 President’s report – year in review
7:45-8:00 Board Elections
8:00-8:30 Welcome to the new board, everyone present get’s a chance to speak – prompt something like: what the Sangha has meant/means to me.
8:30 end with short meditation

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